Für den Liveauftritt von „Bartellow“ und „The Crystal Beach“ im Münchner Haus der Kunst, erstellten wir Teile der Animationen sowie das gefilmte Material der Dokumentation.

„Set in a present day urban environment we follow a girl that has mentally accessed a simulated reality by the use of VR glasses. Whilst being physically present in our world, her mind has entered a different realm that is intangible and inaccessible to the viewer.

This juxtaposition of our experienced, acquainted physhical world and the additional virtual dimension is used to illustrate the simultaneous coexistence of the objective reality and the protagonist’s individual subjective perception of it.

Over the course of time these two worlds shift, blend and intertwine – raising the question of how reality and virtual reality is constructed, perceived and experienced and where it’s borders become indistinct.“